Merchandise Financial Planning

Merchandise Financial Planning

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Merchandise Financial Planning


Athena Dementas

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In retail everything starts with a plan!!!!! In this Merchandise Financial Planning course you will learn how the business process enables retailers to create strategic and detailed financial plans in a transparent and simple way to understand. This is the backbone of Retail Planning.

Σε ποιους απευθύνεται

The audience is targeted to any individual that is in the retail business that would like to grow within the overall landscape of Retail.

  • Retail employees
  • Merchandise Planners
  • Buyers, Directors
  • Senior Management


An open mind for the Retail business


  • Understanding the importance of Merchandise Financial Planning and recognising how to coordinate with the relevant teams across the company and the significance of this cohesive effort on the impact of the business.
  • By comprehending the overall Retail Terminology used throughout the world as well as the Methods of Accounting that are best suitable for your business, the groundwork is laid to proceed with creating the desired plans.
  • Understanding the planning process for both pre-season and in-season planning along with the specific roles involved provides a solid foundation to begin the process.
    Understanding the Pre-Season planning is the backbone of the overall business and allows everyone to be on the same page.
  • Understanding the ways to make adjustments during selling period and compare the current situation with the original plan.


1. Introduction
2. Terminology, Methods of Accounting, Business Process Intro
3. Pre-season Planning
4. In-season Planning, Metrics, Considerations & Risks

Athena Dementas - 2Grow
Athena Dementas

Athena Dementas

Σύντομο Βιογραφικό Εκπαιδευτή

20+ years of Retail experience in Planning, Merchandising and Buying and 10+ years working as a Subject Matter Expert in the design, development, and implementation of Retail Systems. I have worked across all areas of retail trade, with a host of leading regional, national, and international retailers and their suppliers including:
Nordstrom (US), Seven Jeans (US and Italy), Disney Stores (US and UK), Forever 21 (US), Valentino (Italy), Zenden (Russia),Yves Rocher (Russia and France), Ribeiro (Argentina), Bata (Chile), Farmacorp (Bolivia)

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